1.                             Last night you told me you loved me,

                                  but it didn’t mean anything to you.

                  You’ve said it to dozens of girls; hand it out like trash.

                    I’ve never told you I love you, yet you assume I do.

                                               You know I do.

         If I said I needed you to really love me, would it change anything?

  2. get away from me.

    don’t talk to me.

    I can’t breathe.

    Stay away from me.

  3. I shouldn’t have to beg you to take care of yourself.

    You drink too much.

    You chew too much.

    You smoke too much.

    You don’t sleep enough.

    You don’t care enough.

    You’re selfish, but so am I.

    You say when you die, you don’t care how much it’ll hurt people.

    Am I trying to save you for them? Am I trying to save you for me?

  4. get out.

    get out of my head.

    get out of my heart.

    get out of my brain.

    get the feeling of your love off my skin.

  5. I can fix you! Just let me in!

    Famous lasts words from a  fool who left.

    I warned you if you knew me, I would have no more appeal.

    I can fix you! Just let me in!

    Where are you now?

    I let you in, why didn’t you fix me.

    you fucking suck (i love you lol)

  6. If you want to be with someone:

    you have to love them more

    than you hate your flaws.

  7. Love me for who I am;

    not for what I have done.

    Judge me for who I am;

    not for who I have been

  8.      Poetry isn’t dependant on your space bar and enter key;

    or your ability to string words along.

         Poetry isn’t saying words that sound nice;

    or making other people feel better.

         Poetry is writing the lines from your soul in order to fell relief.

    so don’t tell me I’m not poetic,

    I already know.   

  9. I screamed for you to hear me,

    and you laughed because you heard; you just ignored me.

  10. Save yourself because you deserve better.

    Pull yourself up even if you look like hell;

    Scratch and claw and kick just get up.

    That person that hurt you?

    They aren’t worth it.

    you are worth it.

    You are more than your tears;

    and you are more than how they made you feel.

    You crazy little fucker, you’ve made it.

    And you didn’t even end up needing them.